For the final project the molecule i picked is Tryptophan
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15. List and describe 3 chemical information resources that make use of mobile devices (smartphones)

This application used to search citations for biomedical and life science journal. features are key search with options, save search query and citations, email citations, view abstracts, link to full article if available, it allows remote access through smart phone if VPN (virtual private Network) available.

This application helps to find content easily without using internet. It does not require any registration on website or download any software. This Application helps to find information on patient symptoms quickly, it has other features like we can email, bookmark, automatically records history of topic last viewed.

WISER (Wireless Information System for Emergency Responders) Link
This application is designed to assist first responders in hazardous material incidents. Supports with decision including proper guidelines that avoids accidents, save life and environment. Allow to access NLM's Hazardous Substances Data Bank (HSDB), Radiological and biological substance support and provide first responders critical information.

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“The effect of tryptophan on quarrelsomeness, agreeableness, and mood in everyday life” article

Two studies were compared so see the effects of tryptophan and the serotonin precursor with placebo on the social behavior of healthy people. In the first study shows that tryptophan decreases quarrelsome behaviors and the second study shows that tryptophan not only decreases quarrelsome behavior but also increases agreeable behaviors and improved mood in irritable people. Further studies suggest that increasing serotonin synthesis with tryptophan changes positive social behavior in healthy people in everyday life.

1.1. Serotonin and aggression in animals
Paragraph 1: Research shows that serotonin responses differently depending on the number of different stimuli. In monkeys the situation is complex. Lowering serotonin it increases aggression, while increasing serotonin not only decreases aggression but increases affiliative behaviors.

1.2. Serotonin and aggression in humans
Paragraph 2: Two studies were done on the healthy individuals, the acute tryptophan depletion (ATD) technique and the effect of giving selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) to see the relationship between serotonin and aggression.

1.3 Measurement of human social behavior in everyday life
Paragraph 3: The analysis of human social behavior in everyday life was done by using a type of methodology called ecological momentary assessment (EMA). In this theory a person is asked questions about particular behavior during social interaction of the event at fixed times or in between response to a randomly generated signal.

1.4. Rationale for the studies
Paragraph 4: In the first study the action of tryptophan was compared with placebo in healthy people while in second case behavior of healthy individual who had high trait irritability was studied.

· The procedures were same for both studies. First, the total of 3 grams daily dose of tryptophan was giving with the meal three times a day.
· Then each individual was asked to complete a one-page form after each social interaction lasting more than five minutes.
· There were total of four forms which included behaviors representing dominance, agreeableness, submissiveness, and quarrelsomeness
· In study 1 there were 98 participants (50 men and 48 women).
· In study 2 there were 39 participants (20 men, 19 women)

Study 1:
Paragraph1: In study 1, the participants who took tryptophan were less quarrelsome and had higher dominant behavior then the they were taking placebo
Study 2:
Paragraph 2: In study 2, Tryptophan decreased quarrelsome behaviors and increased agreeableness in both men and women, but the effect was significant only in the men

Paragraph1: It was concluded that increasing serotonin function with tryptophan can decrease quarrelsome behaviors but no change in a mood.

Paragraph 2: In the first study tryptophan increased dominance but decreased quarrelsome in people, but in the second study it decreased dominance and also increases agreeableness in both men and women. The effects of tryptophan were influenced by the order it was given first.

Paragraph 3: Both studies gave different results because tested under different circumstances, but it helped to analyze human behavior in everyday life.

i will be looking at methanol properties for my first assignment

5 Properties of Methanol

1. Boiling point
2 . Melting point
3. Density
4. Flash point
5. Refractive index

Boiling Point
1. 64.7 °C sigma-aldrich
2. 64.7 °C Alfa-Aesar
3. 64.6 °C CRC Handbook
4. 65.4 °C chemicalbook
5. 64.7 °C Oxford MSDS

Melting point
1. −98 °C sigma-aldrich
2. −98 °C Alfa-Aesar
3. −97.53 °C CRC Handbook
4. −98 °C chemicalbook
5. −98 °C Oxford MSDS

1. 0.791 g/mL at 25 °C sigma-aldrich
2. 0.7914 g cm-3 CRC Handbook

3. 0.7911 g cm-3 at 20 °C PubMed
4. 0.7914 g cm-3 Wikipedia
5. 0.791 g/ml Alfa-Aesar

Flash point
1. 11 °C sigma-aldrich
2. 11 °C Oxford MSDS
3. 11 °C CRC Handbook
4. 12 °C Wikipedia
5. 11.11 °C WolframAlpha

Refractive index
1. 1.329 sigma-aldrich
2. n20/D 1.329 chemicalbook
3. 1.329 WolframAlpha
4. 1.3290 Alfa-Aesar
5. 1.3290 PubMed